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I also wouldn't be surprised if they opted not to go for Mad King Aerys II with Cersei, but orchestrate her downfall in a different manner. The only difference is she talks on 24 but other then that I she is great and I cannot wait to see how the public reacts to it. When we last left off a decade ago, she was still disguised as Alayne, and didn't look to reveal herself anytime soon. Which is pretty much the only important detail left in the already-published material for Sansa. High hopes for Tyrion's pair of finale scenes with Jaime and Tywin. If I had to guess, I'd say that next week is entirely The Battle at The Wall.


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With everyone gone, do we see a new family rise in the south such as house Dayne or is it an obsolete issue. Pred rokem Mette Lentz Bockel Seems like Milisandra had a lot of botox since season 6, that face is not moving. Pred rokem James Mortimer Wasn’t yara hung on euron’s front mast with ellaria. Pred rokem Penny Lewis will we ever get to see or learn about sothoryos Pred rokem 91timoteo Loved it when Arya found out John was king of the north. Pred rokem al d What is the axe that Euron is using, is it valerian Pred rokem gabiiipot I don't get it - why is the CGI for direwolfs so expensive. Pred rokem Maria Williams So, in the scene where the three eyed Raven brings Bran to Winterfell and he sees Hodor, the Raven is quick to take him out of the vision and doesn't offer an explanation for why Hodor no longer speaks.


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He said it’s too soon to know exactly what that model will be, but it will involve blockchain technology and cryptocurrency — in his view, they have “a similar ethos” as Unsplash, namely a philosophy of openness and decentralization. Accomplice, betaworks and Real Ventures also participated in the new round. The Register reports that Christopher Victor Grupe, a 46-year-old former IT administrator at Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), has been sentenced to 366 days behind bars for intentionally damaging the firm’s computer network. It seems that Grupe was unlikely to win employee of the month at his former job: he was suspended for 12 days in December 2015 for insubordination. The company allowed Grupe to resign, rather than being terminated. He signed a resignation letter and promised to give back his laptop, remote access authentication token, and access badges.


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